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Attention : Clients

Good Day ,We the above Village Gold Miners From Kalana Village of Republic of Mali hereby seek for real Investors or buyers who can invest or buy our Gold.
The above Village Community Miners seek for real and genue investors or buyers of our gold. We use this best time to inform you gold buyers, Investors that we are having a total quantity of 1500kg gold dust under our Vault here in Republic of Mali, and its purpose is for sales and investment into our mining sites as such we seek for competent individual, Investors, Companies who can merge in this great venture.
Below are the specifications of the Au Gold Dust.


A) COMMODITY: Aurum Utallum (AU)
B) FORM : Gold Dust.

C) Purity : 92.6%
D) Fineness : 22+ carats plus
E) ASSAY : buyers hcountryome .
F) ORIGIN : Mali_West Africa

G) PACKING : Export Package Boxes.
H) PRIZE : 12,500 U.s.d

I) QUANTITY : 1500 Kilos Gold Dust

The community as well has the right to go into any contract of extraction or mining with any interested person or company depending on the discussion reached between both parties concerned.
I hope to have a long term business relationship with your esteemed company.l remain to hear from you soonest.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation,

Mr, Daniels I. Hamza

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About Kalana Gold

During the research period for the attached report researchers was able to interview a number of men connected with the gold mining operations of WEST COAST And Republic of Mali . There are a great many more people who should be interviewed to complete the picture of mining operations in the early years of this century, as well as the period from 1920 to 1942. Following is a list of the people with whom I did speak as well as suggestions of further contacts
Kalana Village Gold Mining Community ( Republic of Mali West Africa )
Potential Themes and Exhibits.
The history of the gold mining operations of Kalana Village is a rich field. There are countless themes that could be developed in association with an exhibition about 19th century WEST COAST gold mining methods and technology. In this report there have been divided of the period into three distinct phases - 1861 - 1872: 1873 - 1893: 1894 - 1906.
Given the strong tendency for WEST COAST miners and entrepreneurs to persist with traditional methods of mining while experimenting with new systems, it would be quite feasible to illustrate the old and the new within one exhibition on the development of mining methods in the 19th century.
Some of the themes that could be developed are:
*** the development and impact of gold mining technology focusing on labour, the village landscape, local industrial development, as well as the costs of developing and opening a gold mine in the 1890s compared to the 1860s;
*** the impact of the discovery of gold on the social and economic patterns of the Rural District and Colonial examination of the inter-relationship between gold mining, lumbering, and shipping (use of wood in the mines to fire the boilers; the shipment of coal into the area; etc.), the impact of the decline of gold mining activities on these other activities; the growth of temperance legislation to control the miners, as well as a look at other activities fostered to "control" the gold miners; the development of schools, Mosque, churches, and social organizations for the mining areas;
*** the relationship between Rural District and Colonial - the geological formation of the area; the development of the mining claims and the movement of men, equipment, companies and capital between these areas;
*** the relationship between ( Colonial / West Coast Operators ) and other mining districts in the province. There appears to have been a group of mining interests that virtually dominated the gold mining areas on profitable in the latter part of the 19th century - George Stuart, John Hardman, E. Faribault, just
miner's scales
steam engine to operate mill equipment; coal from Cape Breton
air or steam drill; air compressor connected to mill engine.
assortment of hand tools for underground work - hammers, hand steels, crowbars, shovels, etc.
1.mine pump
2.loading stick
3.charges, fuses
4.dynamite bag
5.supply of miner's candles
6.mining prospectus
7.mining maps showing claims - Map 1, colored according to original;
8.lease agreements
9.necessary government forms for making annual returns

To name a few. It would be interesting to illustrate the inter - relationships between certain companies and development in the province .
In addition, the needs of a 19th century mill would have to be considered access to water supply to facilitate the milling operation; solid bedrock foundation for the mortar block of the mill; sufficient space for a tailing dump, at a level great enough so that the tailings could virtually flow out into the dump by means of gravity rather than by hoisting them out. The feasibility of reconstructing a gold mine shaft, considered carefully.
Rather than reconstructing a gold mine shaft, consideration should be given to using the Hirschfirld prospecting tunnel . This tunnel demonstrates the skill and tenacity of the hard rock miners and it was completely done by hand. Models and photographs could be used to illustrate the system of underground mining that was developed within the province during the 1890s phase.

The Artifacts
Artifacts in the Collection At Kalana Village
(It is questionable if all the parts are operational); used at gold discovered surface.
1. portable steam boiler,
2. upright boiler,
3. hoisting device,
4. hoisting bucket;
5. small stone jaw crusher,
6. stamp mill model
7. mining canister for gunpowder It is claimed that the canister contained the gunpowder with which to be first shot to extract hold from his claim at Tangier, 1861.
8. candle holder or candle hook, wrought iron; used by gold miners underground,
Additional Requirements (A Partial List)

Stamp Mill
*driving belts
*ore bins
*ore skip or tramcar to haul ore into the mill
*kerosene lamps for lighting the mill
*amalgam table(s)
*concentrating equipment - either Wilfley table or frue vanner or blanket system
*mercury containers


WHEREAS: The "SELLER" has complete and full authority to sell Gold Dust and Buyer is able and willing to purchase same, the parties hereto entering into this sale/purchase Contract for and in consideration of the promises and undertaking described in this agreement, do hereby agree as follows:

1. The buyer will have to see the gold and perform a purity test. The price per kilogram is $12,500 USD and quantity is 1500kg gold dust reserved .

2. The buyer will pay for freight by air cargo of the goods , Mali export custom clearance, insurance at 6.5% of the total cost of the gold quantity .

3. The buyer will carry the gold with the seller’s representative back to buyer’s country and will make payment after the refinery has performed a full assay.

01) Commodity:Type of gold: Gold ( Au Metal 22 Carat + And Dust With Purity 96.6% ) Fineness: 100%, to be paid after refinery at the buyers destination has performed a full assay.

02) TITLE:Seller confirms and warrants that the Title of the Gold Dust to be sold herein is free and clear of any and all liens and/or encumbrances and Seller states that the gold dust is not of terrorist and/or criminal origin.The Title to the gold dust shall pass from the Seller to the Buyer upon Buyer clearing the goods through his country’s custom.

03) Total quantity:The total quantity of the gold dust which the Seller is selling and delivering to the Buyer under this agreement have to be decided by the Buyer. Buyer and Seller shall work out a schedule of deliveries. This Agreement can be renewed with rolls and extensions as parties agree.

04) Packing:Herein specified gold dust is packed in boxes.

05) Delivery:The gold Dust as specified herein will be delivered by the Seller to the buyer’s destination address delivery of gold will be within two days after signing this agreement with the buyer and buyer is responsible for Customs exportation fees from Mali, transportation charges, customs clearance charges in the destination country, and importation charges to deliver the gold to the buyer’s refinery.

06) Verification:Verification of documents and the physical gold dust will be confirmed between parties.

07) Payment:The Buyer shall pay for the gold dust delivered under this contract, in clean and clear United States Dollars of non-criminal origin. Buyer will pay by a wire transfer 100% of the value of the gold contained in each shipment after verification by Buyer’s refiner that the gold has the purity warranted by the seller. The price of gold per kg can be increased depend on Local Miners increasment for Labour .Buyer and Seller acknowledge that the chosen refiner may assay the gold after shipment in one day or in five (5) days according to the volume of other transactions scheduled by the refiner to preceed our transaction.

08) ASSIGNMENT:The Buyer reserves the right to assign this contract to another corporation. Any assignee or legal successor to the Buyer shall assume all obligations and benefits of the contract.

09) NON CIRCUMVENTURE/ NON DISCLOSURE:The parties will not in any manner, solicit, nor accept any business in any manner from sources nor their affiliates, which sources were made available through this agreement, without the express permission of the party who made available the source and the parties will maintain complete confidentiality regarding each other’s business sources and/or their affiliates and will disclose such business sources only to names/parties pursuant to the express written permission of the party who made available the source, and the parties will not in any way whatsoever, circumvent, or attempt to circumvent each other, or any of the parties involved in any of the transactions. The parties are desirous of entering into and do to the best of their abilities, assure that the transaction codes established will not be affected and that they will not disclose names, addresses, telephone, e-mail, and telefax or telex numbers or any contacts by either party to third parties and that they each recognize such contacts as the exclusive property of the respective parties and that they will not enter into any direct negotiations or transactions with such contacts revealed by the other party.

10) Taxes and Liabilities:The parties hereto will not make any representation regarding tax consequences (if any) of the transaction contemplated by this contract. Each party individually and separately will accept their own liabilities for any taxes, impose levies duties or charges and institutional costs which may arise or are applicable in the performance and execution of their respective duties under this contract.

11) Force and effect:Should any of the provisions of this agreement be or become invalid by virtue of applicable laws or become unenforceable, this agreement shall remain in full force and the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by the provisions to be mutually agreed between the parties hereto. This agreement shall be severable in the event that any provision shall be adjudged, invalid, illegal or unenforceable.This agreement shall be construed without regard to any such provision.

12) Effective Date:This contract shall come into effect when the Buyer and Seller have both initialed and signed the present document and its appendices, if any.The parties to this agreement stipulate that the agreement specifies a fully legal transaction and that there is no known violation of any law expressed by it. The parties involved should execute the contract with good reason and maintain loyalty and trustworthy.

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